Our Services

What we identify as key difference in our services is the focus on the business processes. We pay special attention to the company’s processes and develop the software to fully fit into the organization work flow.

We follow the concept of the “out-of-the-box” features. Our first choice in the solution architecture is the build in functionality of the platforms. The underline business steps and the potential mismatch with the ready-to-use features define the customizations that need to be integrated.

We split our areas of expertise into three direction.

Software Consulting

We analyze the current need and how it corresponds with the company's existing infrastructure, the available solutions on the market and the strategy that the company would follow in the next years. Using meetings for requirement gathering and performing proof of concept demos, we help the business to find the most suitable solution.

Software Development

Once the need for customization is identified, we develop the solution by choosing the most appropriate technology. Clear code, software standards and recommended approaches are concepts we understand and use in our daily work. We believe that the simplicity is key factor for useful system.

App Development

Apps for Office 365 is our new product line that we started. We have focused on Office 365 add-in. Using the latest enchantments in the api we provide functionalities that speed up the daily business work.

About us

Singens is a software consulting and development company with focus on Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies.

Founded in 2013, Singens aims to conect freelancers and build them in a high skilled remote team.

The Team

Expirienced people with different background and skills is the sicret element which we add in our projects. There are challenge in the virtual and remote working ecosystem we build but we have the attitude to overcome any problem.

Dimcho Tsanov

SharePoint Consultant

SharePoint and Office 365 expertise, Trainer, Speaker

Adrian Vladimirov

Azure Consultant

Azure and Mobile apps expertise, Speaker

Nikolay Petkov

Business Development

Organizational and Business development expertise

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you need consulting help or you are a freelancer searching for new opportunities. The preferred way is to send us an email.

  • Email: Conact Singens
  • Phone: +359 876 349846
  • Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Time Zone: UTC+02:00